Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tim Holtz Tissue Tape in sock now!

Just gotta love this new Tim Holtz tissue tape.
Each pack contains 2 rolls.  16 yards each. Thin translucent, adhesive backed paper used for decorating or binding items together.    YUM YUM U know who has got one of each dont ya! ;)
Simone X


Anonymous said...

Missed those in the shop tonight... reckon the musical one would make gorgeous Christmas sticky tape for wrapping pressies!!! My Pooh Bear sticky is running out so will need something to replace it... I know, any excuse!! Love Tim Holtz products. BTW, I keep leaving little comments about coming to visit your shop... haven't heard back yet... I'll keep trying!

Simone said...

hahahaha Jenny I dont comment back becasue you are usually in buying the new stuff before I Have even had chance to read your comment ! :) hahahaha I will try and comment for you before you get in next time how does that sound ? LOL S X