Friday, June 11, 2010


I had the idea to post something a bit different today so I have put up some of my inchies.
these are usually traded by theme,the same way as ATC but of course are 1 inch square.
There is also a trade in "twinchies"-2 inches square, and "rinchies"-1 inch round but I am afriad I have none of these to show.
I have been amazed at how much art can be squeezed onto such a tiny space.

If inchies look to become your new passion,I would definitely suggest investing in a 1 inch punch to save all that cutting and to be sure of an exact size.

The little green ones I have used the fabulous perfect pearls powder on the background to give a nice subtle me some perfect pearl goodness and am collecting colours...I think they give a lovely subtle shiny look. I also cut up an old vintage [circa 1965] Bambi comic for the images.
The pink ones were for a "day of the dead" theme and the hauses for -you guessed it-"haunted house-all of them have perfect pearls brushed onto the background.
They are really easy to use-just ensure you use a damp brush as they are activated with water,or if you use mod podge or gel medium to glue on your images just brush the pearls on before it is completely dry
I am a bit of a vintage stuff magpie,and haunt the local opshop/secondhand stores/markets for my supplies!!!!
Hope you enjoy these-go on..have a go!!

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