Monday, December 13, 2010

Late night shopping Hours !

With the silly season fast approaching...... dont forget we will be open late night shopping this week and next week !  Here are the hours as a reminder !

  • Thursday  16 th December ..... we will be open until  9.00pm! 
  • Friday the 17th  December   we will be open until 11 pm           (access by back door after 8pm) 
& its also Scrapchat ..... a few spaces left so if you feel like some time out or a pre chrissy get together with your friends come along and scrap and chat ! book now !  8293 3333

& our last night of opening
  • Thursday 23rd  until   10pm
If you want to send your partner in and they want some help putting somethings together, we are more than happy to help, we will also wrap it all for them!  they can call ahead if they are time poor and we will have it all waiting for them! they cant really turn that offer down!  :)

We will re open again in January 2011! (seems weird saying that! hehehe .........  >3

C U soon   Simone

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