Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend of Inspiration!

I had a rather rare weekend away this weekend, for the first time in a very long time I scrapped for one whole day and one night, and didnt move from my chair much other than to eat & sleep !  what BLISS!....

I made a rule not to create anything that would be for classes, and just do whatever I damn well pleased!  :)  lol...
I dug out some really old pictures, some as far back as 1995, and one 1875 (a copy of this one of course, the original is somewhere in the family!) and not necessarily the best quality either, but I just wanted to journal them, go back to basics and remember the reason why I started to scrapbook in the first place, I am no photographer, I just want to  record history, to journal history and to pass on my stories to the next generation.

 I have found more and more that in some cases, expectations in Scrapbooking now seem to be who can create the best piece of artwork, and there is some absolutely stunning pages out there.....but somewhere along the line, have we lost sight of what we are really doing? ............. for me it has been a gentle reminder, for me Scrapbooking is about unleashing my creativity whilst I record life, for my children and there chidlren, and there childrens children, and with my journalling capture the 'Soul' of the person scrapbooked, if you like,  a life diary.  
Anyway thought you might  all like a look at what my weekend produced..... every page was a suprise, I didnt really have a plan of what I wanted to do, I just went with it, and let whatever creativity was in me come out....I removed all barriers holding me back, and just let it be..... I even did a boy page in purple with flowers! see it is possible to move out of the box! hahahaha
Thanks  for looking.
  Have a great week   Simone  XX

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